Open Source Software needs your contribution

We believe that by cooperation and exchange a community can achieve more than an individual can. That is why we have been involved in Contao for many years, whether it is contributing to the Core development, the development of extensions or the foundation of the Association.

The principle «TANSTAAFL»

TANSTAAFL is an acronym for There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. Following this principle, Open Source does not come at no cost either. Somebody has to bear the costs, whether they come at financial means or spare time.

Unfortunately, there is a common misperception of free Software:

[…] the term «free» this context is primarily a reference to a lack of constraint («libre») rather than a lack of cost («gratis»).


What do I do when questions, bugs or requests arise?

It is in the nature of software that it raises questions, contains bugs or wants to be extended by new functionality. An Open Source license provides you with the freedom of the fact that anybody is allowed to take on these tasks.

If you should be unable to do it on your own, we offer charged support. Obviously you can also ask other developers or refer to the Contao Community message board.

We would be pleased with improvements finding their way back to the extensions via Pull Requests on GitHub - this is our understanding of Open Source.