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trakked.io – the Contao monitoring tool

Finally, a bird's eye view of all your Contao setups

It didn't start in a garage, but with the idea and the desire to create a tool that could free us from tedious work when managing our maintenance contracts and enable us to monitor our customers' systems. At the same time, we wanted to get an automated overview of all setups and say goodbye to our manually maintained lists. Talking to other agencies and freelancers at various Contao events, we were met with a lot of interest with this idea. This is how trakked.io was born, which is actively maintained and further developed at our airport.


trakked.io is based on the API first approach. All business logic is provided by the API which is based on API Platform and Symfony. The graphical interface is based on the Quasar framework (JavaScript/Vue.js) using Material Design. This approach has already allowed us to revamp the user interface once which happened completely independent of the current production environment.

The JSON API of our Contao Manager provides the interface for monitoring as well as for Composer updates of a Contao setup.