Construction, tailor-made

Welcome to the most important hangar of our airport. This is where our engineers spend most of their working hours. During the development of individual functionality or the implementation of complex web designs, they do a first-rate job each day.

Development using PHP and JavaScript

With the default functionality of Contao, you can cover the basic requirements of a website. Is your customer asking you for a little more individuality or personality? If so, that is where we jump in.

Many of our extensions are available in the official extension repository for Contao. Most of the time though we develop individual ex­ten­sions to support the business logic of an end client. In other words, we feel right at home in the world of PHP and JavaScript.

As a prime example of our considerable body of work, take a look at Isotope eCommerce. The webshop solution consists of almost half the code base as Contao itself. 

Design implementation (e.g., from Photoshop)

Not every designer also implements his/her website layout; therefore, many agencies rely on us to bring their templates online. The element that connects us is our mutual enthusiasm for Contao as the perfect instrument for the realization of websites.

The latest technologies such as CSS3, HTML5, or Responsive Design are not foreign words to us, and we put them to use wherever we think they are appropriate. We make sure your website is well-equipped for the future by modifying as few Contao core templates as possible.

Because most of the websites we have implemented were done for a customer's client, we feel more comfortable demonstrating them in a one-to-one conversation.