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Welcome on Board

Imagine your web project was an airplane …

... because that's exactly what you'll get with us! We are farsighted pilots, experienced engineers and skilled mechanics. We make modern websites and web applications around the world a reality.

Our preferred way to work is as a technical partner within a network. Depending on your needs, we develop the concept, do front end and back end development and take care of the system maintenance.

A personal relationship, trust and open communication are important to us. Whether that is within our team or our customers. For more than ten years, we have been working on projects on a daily basis and have gained valuable experience during this time. Radio our tower and we will let you know how you can benefit from it.

Preflight Checklist

Good reasons to fly with us

  • Small but excellent
  • We love what we do
  • We advise and we engage


Construction hangar – Here's where we excel

Our most successful constructions

Contao Open Source CMS

Contao is one of the top 5 content management systems in the German-speaking (DACH) region. For more than 10 years we have been significantly involved in the further development and maintenance of the system. It is our first (and only!) choice when implementing a website with CMS functionality.

construction details

Contao monitoring with trakked.io

trakked.io was born with the idea and the desire to simplify maintenance contracts and monitoring for our customer setups.

construction details

News portal for travel and tourism

Travelnews.ch is the leading swiss web portal for the tourism industry. When we started implementing, Contao 4 was still in its early development.

construction details

Swiss online platform for addiction counseling

Our duty was to implement the front end design as well as to develop several special modules to integrate with the consulting application.

construction details

Discover specialized addiction services in Switzerland

terminal42 redeveloped the interactive map application based on a Vue.js front end and Contao back end.

construction details

Open Source only works if everyone participates.

We believe that by collaboration and exchange a community can achieve more than an individual can.

That's why we have been involved in the Open Source community for many years, such as contributing as core developers to the Contao CMS or the PHP framework Symfony and countless extensions and bundles. Our GitHub profile contains a lot of stuff that might be interesting for you.

How we see Open Source

Radio messages from GitHub

1 days ago
@Toflar: Fix parcel sealing in Contao 4.13 (#349)
2 days ago
@Toflar: Normalize the file uploads in order to support all kinds of upload form fields (#83)
4 days ago
@aschempp: Add generic content type to force download in mobile browsers (#153)
4 days ago
@fritzmg: allow null for $storeFile fixes #111

The terminal42 crew

Experienced pilots and creative engineers. Crew members you can rely on.

Portrait of Andreas Schempp


Pilot & developer

Andreas Schempp is taking care of deve­lop­ment, maintenance and paint jobs of our aircrafts. Besides digital work, he enjoys doing handcraft, be it in woodworking, the kitchen or in the garden.

Portrait of Yanick Witschi


Pilot & developer

Yanick Witschi is a specialist for aviation and aircraft mechanics and the "resolver hero" for the Contao Manager. He loves cooking, the guitar, basketball, tennis, politics, the African continent and astrophysics.

Portrait of Kamil Kuzminski



As our flight engineer, Kamil makes sure that complex systems reach their goals on time. Away from work, he likes to discuss astrophysics and the guitar with Yanick in our arrival lobby.

Portrait of Bjarke Ammann


Mechanic & Environmental Officer

Bjarke Ammann is our experienced aircraft mechanic and environmental officer. His attention to detail ensures that aircraft always leave us in perfect condition. He likes good music and outdoor exercise.